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Whole School Well-being Homework - Zones of Regulation

You will have received a whole-school homework based on the Zones of Regulation. Below is a copy of the resources we sent out to help you support your child with emotional regulation at home. If you would like further details of the Zones click here.

Please use this poster at home to express how you are feeling to your children and model what you can do to return to the go zone. You can use phrases like: ‘I don’t feel great, I feel quite tired this afternoon. I think I’ll feel better if I had a little rest.’ Or ‘I am definitely in the stop zone, I am so angry. I need to take some deep breaths. 123. Right, I think I need some fresh air. Shall we go for a walk?’

Below you will find links to the resources that were sent out:

Emotion cards for sorting

EYFS and KS1 activity

EYFS zones homework sorting

KS1 zones homework sorting

KS2 activity scenario flashcards

KS1 Activity

What can I do - tools


Past Events 2020-21

Go Green for Felix. Pupils and staff at WPS wore a green item of clothing to school on Thursday 22nd October 2020 and learned about Food Poverty and it's effects. We raised a fabulous £640.24!

Christmas Jumper Day. Pupils and staff at Wembley Primary School took part in Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day on 17th December 2020 and raised an amazing £570.62!

Fundraising for UNCEF’s Yemen appeal. We held a fundraising event on Thursday 25th March 2021. Children were encouraged to donate a coin and place it on the Yemeni flag which was displayed in the quad area as they arrived for school.

Pyjamarama 2021 Pupils and staff wore their PJs to school to promote reading and snuggling up for a bedtime story. Great fun was had by all!

Anti-Bullying Week 16th -20th November 2020: We mark Anti-Bullying Week at Wembley Primary School every year. From 16th - 20th November this year, the theme was 'United Against Bullying.' The children watched a live-streamed assembly from the Anti-Bullying Alliance and we learnt about Bullying and ways to combat it in our PSHE lessons. We held 'Odd Socks Day' on Monday 16th November 2020 to promote diversity and equality too.

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Children's Mental Health Week 1st - 7th February 2021: We celebrated Children's Mental Health Week remotely this year through our Google Classrooms. The theme was 'Express Yourself.' Children joined an online assembly and they expressed themselves through art, music and movement to name but a few during a screen-free afternoon. Many classes enjoyed a 'Dress to Express' Google Meet and enjoyed wearing clothes and accessories that expressed their feelings and personalities.