After School Clubs

We provide a wide range of activities that our children can participate in before school, at lunchtime and after school.

The majority of our after school clubs are led by staff within school, some of which include football, cooking,  choir, maths and handwriting.

In addition to being affordable for parents and carers, they also provide children with the opportunity to pursue areas of the curriculum they are most interested in, or sports and hobbies they particularly enjoy, beyond the school day.

Children who have been identified as in need of additional support with either their learning in a particular subject, or with their homework, are invited to attend either a homework, study support and extended learning after school club. There is no charge to parents and carers of children who have been selected to participate in the clubs.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Children making a change

'Children Making a Change' are an external company who provide an on-site after school club between the hours of 3.00pm and 5.45pm.

For more information or to book your child's place, contact Joan on:

Mobile: 07904 147 399


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am - 8.40am, Monday to Friday, in the small school hall. The daily charge for each child's attendance is £4.00 and siblings are charged at £3.50, payable a week in advance.

Please contact Noreen Graven for further information, or download a copy of the registration form below.


Fruit Frenzy!

During morning breaktimes, pupils at WPS are encouraged to eat a healthy snack. This can be one of the following: fruit, vegetables or a healthy breakfats bar. Pupils are not allowed to eat crisps, chcocolate or anything from their lunchbox at this time. EYFS and KS1 are provided with fruit or vegetables, free of charge, for their playimes.

We also promote water as a choice of drink - pupils are allowed there water bottles in the classroom. At lunchtimes, there is a water station in the hall where pupils can help themselves. Water not only helps our bodies to grow stronger, but our minds as well.

Please can we ask all parents to support us in our efforts to make WPS a healthier school; ensuring that unhealthy food options are not provided as part of their lunch.



Wembley Primary School has been working closely with UNICEF, and is a 'Rights Respecting' School. The term is bestowed on those schools who, in the eyes of UNICEF, put the 'UN Convention on the Rights of the Child', (UNCRC) at the heart of their planning, policies, practice and ethos.

UNCRC is a list of rights that all children, everywhere in the world, have. The rights on this list are all the things that children and young people need to make sure they are healthy, happy and safe. A rights-respecting school not only teaches about children's rights, but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between adults and children, between children themselves, and between adults themselves.


School Council

Wembley Primary School Council is a representative group of students who have been elected by their classmates to represent their views, raise issues and share ideas to improve our school.

A new school council is formed during the Autumn term each year. These members have to give election speeches to their class before formal voting takes place, just like a real election! Our school council is made of one representative from each class from Years 1 to 6.

At our meetings, held every term, we decide what we can do to improve the school. We don't just decide ourselves what to do. Our classmates put their ideas down through questionnaires and surveys.

If you have any questions about the school council, please contact a School Council member or come and see our noticeboard.

The aim of the School Council is to develop an awareness of citizenship and involve all our children, to some extent, in the running of the school.


Year 6 Prefects

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Each year children from Year 6 of Wembley Primary School must apply to be considered for the responsible position of one of a select group of Prefects. If shortlisted, children must prepare and present the reasons and skills which make them suited for the role in front of the Assistant Headteachers, and children within upper KS2.

Prefects must have had a consistent record of excellent behaviour, dedication to their learning, be respectful and responsible role models for which other children can emulate.

What do they do?

Prefects hold different posts of responsibility which range from organising the use of the PA system during assemblies, running errands for members of SLT, presenting to parents or governors, showing visitors around our school, upholding school rules (particularly at playtimes and lunchtimes), to mentoring younger children across the school.


Sports Leaders

357d0517 Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders will assist Mr Thomas, our Sports Coach, with equipment and activities during lunchtimes, so If you need help or have any ideas on how to improve sport at school contact Mr Thomas or the leaders.