Our Wellbeing Vision Statement

At Wembley Primary we:

- Commit to promoting positive wellbeing throughout our school community.

- Understand the importance of wellbeing and the role it plays in creating an environment where all are healthy, happy and achieve their best.

- Listen, support and respond to the views of our community and provide opportunities to equip all with the tools needed to maintain a positive well-being​.

What is Wellbeing?

We see wellbeing in a broad sense which includes physical health and recognise that children’s emotional health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing and can affect their learning and achievement.

What is ‘good’ emotional health and wellbeing in our school?
• To be resilient, confident, adaptable and collaborative
• The ability to recognise, acknowledge and manage their feelings
• The ability to develop caring and concerns for others
• The ability to develop meaningful, positive and long-lasting relationships
• The ability to take responsibility for themselves and make practical decisions
• The knowledge of how to promote their own wellbeing
• It includes everyone within our school

Some whole school approaches to promote positive mental health and wellbeing
• Use of the language of ‘Growth Mindset’, where resilience and perseverance is celebrated
• Use of outside learning such as the School Nature Garden
• Broad and enriched curriculum including school trips, after school clubs

This academic year, we have been implementing ‘Wembley Ways to Wellbeing’ and ‘Zones of Regulation’ where pupils will become familiar with recognising; talking about and regulating their feelings and aspects that support their wellbeing and mental health.

If you have any concerns around your child’s wellbeing please feel free to email us on  wellbeing@wembleyprimary.brent.sch.uk. You may also use this email to send us your ideas and views around this matter.

You can also contact Ms Griffith (Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead) on 0208 901 9889

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