PE & Sports Premium

For the financial year (2020-2021), the  first installment of the grant amount that we received totaled £13,463. Our final installment will be £9,616, totaling £23,079 for the year. 

We intend to continue improving provision for PE and sport by:





With the use of Sports Premium Funding we were able to do the following over the last academic year (2018-2019)

 Widening range of sport, experience and opportunity within PE:
• Street dance (Media)
• Capoeira (Media)
• Go sketch (football/art design) (Media)
• Football/ multi skills year 4 & 5 (professional Tottenham FC coaches)
• Attending Wembley stadium to watch football (Tottenham/England)
• Attending Concert Taylor Swift (Music & dance)
• Basketball coaching year 2 & 4 (Coach Jenner)
• Super schools fitness fundraiser & Grant Fielder 
Tournaments & participation update
• Year 5&6 boys Brent league unbeaten (2nd)
• Brent cup Year 5&6 Boys (Semi-final)
• Girls played first competitive tournament with Tottenham FC (Quarter finals)
• Girls team took part in their first football match and winning (Friendly)

Our specialist PE coach and external coaches were able to offer workshops and clubs in the following:

• After-school clubs, Football, Athletics, Table Tennis, Basketball, Fitness, Focus groups, Badminton, NFL and more.
• Introducing External coaches (Track Academy Multi skills and Athletics) (NEW)
• FPF Football (Football clinics for key stage 2 to develop their skills even further) (NEW)
• Girls football programme after school club (Wildcats)
• Parent & children fitness workout sessions (NEW)

Improved use of our Real PE scheme with pupils and teachers:
• Giving ownership to the children’s learning
• Improving skills in creativity, cognitive, health & fitness, physical, social and personal - to coincide with our ethos of Growth Mindset
• Inspires the teachers and children to enjoy PE and transforms their confidence to have effective lessons

Mr Thomas, our qualified Sports coach, is employed to improve the quality of skills training, promote healthy eating and importance of daily exercise and direct lunch time sport workshops. These include basketball, cricket, tennis, football, skipping games and other sports. The Key Stage 2 children, as PE leaders and officials, are used to help the younger children with their workshops.