Zones of Regulation

The children Wembley Primary School are learning about the ‘Zones of Regulation’ which is a model to help children identify their feelings, identify which ‘zone’ they belong to and allow them to regulate their own feelings and behaviours.
We describe these zones using colours in EYFS and as ‘Running Slow,’ ‘Good to Go’, ‘Caution’ and ‘STOP’ zones in KS1 and 2.

Below is a link to a video to help you understand the different zones.
This model will be used across the whole school and we teach children that there are no bad zones to be in and that it is ok to be in any zone. Ultimately, children will learn to regulate their own emotions and behaviours so that they move easily into the ‘Good to Go’ zone which will help them focus and learn. Every class has a visual display of the zones and regular lessons are taking place to help pupils use this strategy effectively.

Meet the Zones Video Link