School Visions and Values

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Our vision at Wembley Primary School is for all our children to grow into independent, confident, resilient, successful learners. We wish to prepare our children for modern Britain and enable them to be responsible Global Citizens.

We aim to provide our children with secure knowledge and skills across a well thought out sequential curriculum, that prepares them for the next stage in their learning and life.

We are a school that has high expectations for all our children and staff. We strive to provide a curriculum and teaching of the highest quality, enabling all our children to succeed. We aspire to achieve excellence in all areas of school life.

We are a school community with respect and empathy at its heart, where diversity is valued. We live out the British Values and our own school values. Children learn about care and compassion. We know that children need to feel safe and happy in order to learn. We are committed to ensuring that we keep a focus on our children’s mental health and sense of wellbeing.

We work very closely with our families; they are truly valued as partners in their children’s education.

We want our children to make progress in their learning within our school but also look for opportunities for this to continue outside the school. We aim to forge partnerships that benefit our children, staff and families.

Wembley Crest web

Like the Phoenix

We Rise to our Challenges

Strengthen our Learning

And Shine in our Community



WEMBLEY - We are determined and ambitious = successful, creative learners

PRIMARY - Positive and inclusive = a caring, school community

SCHOOL - Show kindness and empathy = a nurturing place to grow