School Visions and Values

Vision and Values at Wembley Primary School

This term (Summer 2021), we reviewed our vision and values with feedback from pupils, parents/carers and staff. We found lots of common threads. We all want to be in a safe and caring environment where everyone is treated with kindness and respect. We all want our pupils to learn effectively and we are ambitious for all members of our school community.

Wembley Primary School is a vibrant, happy and inclusive school. We ensure that we provide a safe environment where children can enjoy learning and achieve high standards. We are ambitious for our children as well as recognising that positive wellbeing is central to the success of our school. We work with our staff, governors, parents and pupils in an atmosphere of respect to achieve the very best for all our children and all members of our school community.

Like the Phoenix

We Rise to our Challenges

Strengthen our Learning

And Shine in our Community


We respect others and include everyone.
We show kindness and empathy to others.
We are honest and take responsibility for our actions.
We show determination and resilience in our work and approach new challenges with a growth mindset.
We are ambitious and courageous for ourselves and others.
We are positive in our mindset and happy when we learn and play.
We are creative in our learning and in our problem solving.


Determination + ambition + positivity = successful learners
Respect + kindness + honesty = a nurturing place to grow
Positivity + inclusion + empathy = a school community with wellbeing at its centre


I begin with me
and aspire to be
someone who grows in heart and mind
I aim to progress
to be my best
and to myself I promise...
To believe in achieving
To always try
To learn my best abilities
To listen and think
To target, aim, fire
To achieve my capabilities
I begin with me
at Wem-b-ley
so I progress successfully!