Mr Thomas PE Award

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"Never Give Up; Believe That You Can"

At the end of the Autumn Term, Mr. Thomas was awarded 2020 Active School Hero. Wembley Primary School are so appreciative of the commitment he gives to our pupils in both sport and citizenship. He is a real role model for our pupils and we feel he is truly deserving to be the winner. We are so lucky to have Mr. Thomas at our school. 

Watch his story, which features some of our pupils, in this video by Nike and UK Active.

Mr. Thomas was nominated by a friend of his, who works in sport for Kensington and Chelsea borough. He had also been nominated for the award in previous years and recognised the work that Mr. Thomas was doing with our school pupils and in the community.   

Following the nomination process on the UK Active Website, the public are requested to vote for who they think was deserving of the award. Mr. Thomas' mother, the school and many of Mr. Thomas' friends rallied to spread the word on the voting process. Gradually, Mr. Thomas found he was in the Top 30, then the Top 20, 10, 5 until he was announced the winner by Mr. Barr and members of UK Active. 

On receiving this news, Mr. Thomas stated he was "stunned" and he could not believe that so many people had voted for him. He is truly honoured to be noticed for his drive towards improving pupils' physical and mental wellbeing.