Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) 2019-20

At Wembley Primary School, the physical and emotional well-being of our children is a priority. We nurture and educate our pupils in order to help them to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to live happy, healthy and successful lives, now and in the future. We promote our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development across different aspects of the curriculum.

You may recall that we held meetings in March 2020 to discuss the teaching of Relationships and Health Education at our school. The policy has been drafted using the feedback received at this time, as well as feedback from staff, school council members and the senior leadership team.

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RHE Policy 2020 v2

Letter to parents 

We hope that as many parents as possible will respond to the policy and engage with the consultation process.

Yours sincerely,

Ms C Benjamin
PSHE Leader


Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is taught through a range of implicit and explicit learning opportunities and is embedded through-out the curriculum. Discrete PSHE objectives are covered during lessons using parts of the ‘Jigsaw’ programme of study and supported by some additional lessons from the PSHE Association’s programme of study.

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PSHE objectives are also covered across the curriculum e.g. as part of our Religious Education (RE), Computing, Science and Physical Education (PE) Curriculum (for example in learning about religious diversity, online safety and healthy bodies). In addition to this, PSHE content is complemented by whole school events such as assemblies, enrichment days and charity days, as well as through our School Council and Playground Buddies.

What is taught?

Our PSHE curriculum includes objectives linked to the following themes:
-Celebrating Difference (including friendships, bullying awareness, equality and diversity)
-Healthy me (including balanced diets, healthy minds and mental health, exercise, drug education and body image).
-Relationships (friendships, families, keeping safe, online friendships and relationships).
The PSHE curriculum evolves constantly to be responsive to the needs of today’s pupils and preparing them to deal with issues pertinent to our local area. We want our pupils to be prepared for the challenges they will face in life. Through learning about health and wellbeing, relationships and living in our diverse world, children are given opportunities to develop their skills in a safe environment enabling them to grow into confident, caring and respectful members of our community.

How is the subject taught?

PSHE is taught by class teachers and, at times by teachers who cover PPA in the class on a regular basis. We feel that it is important that the subject is taught by adults who know the children well and can be trusted by them in order to learn successfully about these important topics. A range of strategies are used to teach PSHE, ranging from circle time, games and whole class discussion to small group and paired work. Within the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme of work, there is also a mindfulness element where children are encourage to relax and reflect on the topic that they are being taught.

How can you support your child’s learning?

The personal, social, health and economic development of our children is achieved through partnership between school and the family. To support your children, you could:
• Go to information events for parents about the school’s approach to PSHE related issues such as online safety.
• Talk with your children about the issues explored in PSHE education.
If you have any concerns about PSHE education or are worried about your child, do speak to their teacher or a senior member of staff.

Statutory Relationships, Sex (and Health) Education from September 2020

From September 2020, Relationships, Sex (and Health Education) will become compulsory in all Primary Schools in England, following an extensive public consultation. There will be a non-compulsory sex education element to this new guidance, whereas the relationships and health elements will be compulsory.

At Wembley Primary School, we already teach many of the compulsory relationships and health objectives in the new curriculum during our PSHE lessons. However during this academic year 2019-20, we are reviewing and updating our curriculum, in consultation with parents, pupils and staff, to ensure the objectives are met in a way that is appropriate to our school setting and community.