At Wembley primary school, music instrument lessons are available to KS2 children for:
Guitar, Keyboard and Violin.

Learning an instrument has huge benefits for children and can provide great opportunities for them in the future, such as taking part in orchestras and ensembles. Some of our current students are having great success being a part of the Brent Music Orchestra.

We are very lucky at Wembley Primary School to be working closely with Brent Music Services to provide these instrument lessons.

I want my child to learn to play an instrument. What should I do?
If you would like to place your child on a waiting list for any of these instruments, please see Mr Horwood in 6P. 

How long is it for?

Learning an instrument is a skill for life, and it is expected that your child will continue on their instrument throughout their time at school. Children will need to practise their instrument at home to ensure they make good progress. Children who reach grade 1, have the opportunity to join music ensembles within Brent. If for any reason, your child wants to stop music lessons, they must inform the school a minimum of 2 weeks before the end of term.

How much does it cost?

Music lessons for a year cost £195 for a term, or £33 for children who currently receive free school meals. This is broken down into three termly instalments of £65 or £11. In order to progress, your child will need to have an instrument to use in lessons and practice at home. Brent Music Service can rent instruments at approximately £25 a term and the instrument teacher will advise your child on how to do this. Alternatively, you can ask your music teacher advice on purchasing the instrument. You may also be asked to buy a music book.

What if I want to stop their lessons?

If your child decides they want to stop, you must let the school know before the end of that term, so the place can be given to another child.  For example, if in November your child wishes to stop music lessons, you should let the school know 2 weeks before the Christmas holidays. If you have not informed the school, you will be expected to pay for the next term.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any more questions, you can speak to Miss MacGregor in 4P or go to the Brent music website: