At Wembley Primary School we are becoming used to what is the new normal, due to Coronavirus. Our pupils have settled well and are eager to build on their learning. 

We must remember to continue to keep ourselves and others safe, adhering to our school's thorough risk assessment 

Our risk assessment has been through a consultation period with the local authority, the teaching unions, our staff and school governors. This risk assessment is inline with the DfE guidance and will be updated as and when is necessary. As government  guidance has changed with regards to isolation etc and restrictions are easing, we have written an Outbreak Management Plan.  This states what measures will be taken, if there is a need due to a surge in case numbers within the school or community. 

If your child is currently in isolation or quarantine, they need to be completing school learning whilst at home. This will be conducted on Google Classroom as before. 

As part of the government initiative to provide catch up for pupils due to losing learning time during the lockdown, we have put together a strategy focusing the funding on key year groups to begin with (EYFS, Year 2 and Year 6). Please find our strategy below.