Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 news page.

Here you will find all the latest information for what we are getting up to in class.

If you have any questions regarding your child's learning, please email

It has been so lovely to see your children's home learning that you have shared with us. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of your children's learning during this uncertain time. This week we would like you to continue to send us your child's home learning. Next week is our final week before the Summer holidays. All home learning should be emailed by Thursday 16th 2020 if feedback/acknowledgement is to be given by class teachers.



The summer holidays are finally here, so relax and have fun. To keep up with your learning through the 6-7 weeks, teachers in Year 6 have put together some questions that you can do everyday; to prepare you for learning in Year 6. There are three different areas -

Aim to do a question from each area every day!

Home Learning Awards

Each week we will be acknowledging and awarding those pupils who have sent high quality learning for marking by their class teachers. 

This week's home learning stars are...

 y5 3

Final week of learning - Monday 13th July

English week 12 

Maths week 12 - short division

Destination reader week 12

Science week 12

Geography week 12

PSHE week 12

Handwriting and spelling week 12

Closure learning week beginning Monday 6th July 

English week 11

Maths week 11

Destination Reader week 11

Science week 11

Geography week 11

PSHE week 11

Closure learning week beginning Monday 29th June

English week 10

Maths week 10 Multiples and common factors

Destination Reader week 10

Science week 10 

Geography week 10

PSHE week 10

Handwriting and Spelling week 10

Closure learning week beginning Monday 22nd June

English week 9 

Maths week 9 multiplication and division

Destination Reader week 9

Science week 9 gravity and air resistance

Geography climate challenge

PSHE week 9

Handwriting and Spelling week 9

Closure learning week beginning Monday 15th June

Maths week 8

English week 8

Destination Reader week 8

Science week 8


PSHE Coming Together

Handwriting and Spelling week 8

Closure learning week beginning Monday 8th June

Maths week 7

English week 7

Destination Reader week 7

Science week 7



Handwriting and Spelling week 7

Closure learning week beginning Monday 1st June

Maths week 6

English writing week 6

Destination Reader week 6

Science week 6

Geography week 6

Handwriting and spelling


Closure learning week beginning Monday 18th May

Maths week 5

English writing week 5 

Destination Reader week 5

Science week 5

History week 5

RE week 5

Spelling and Handwriting week 5

Closure learning week beginning Monday 11th May

Maths week 4

English week 4 (myth writing)

Destination Reader week 4

Science week 4

History week 4

RE week 3

Spelling and handwriting week 4

Closure learning week beginning Monday 4th May

Maths week 3

English week 3 (myth writing)

Destination Reader week 3

Science week 3

History week 3

RE week 3

Spelling and Handwriting

COVID-19 Challenge

Click on the link to the PowerPoint to see information for Covid Challenge for Years 5 and 6 

During Summer 2, we will be studying the following areas:

Science - Forces

Geography - Transport 

PSHE - COVID Wellbeing 

We have provided pupils with a Knowledge Organiser in each of these areas, to support learning the key information.

Our curriculum newsletter shows you what we will cover in class, and has the home learning challenges for the half term.