Wellbeing Page

We have launched our Wellbeing page on our school website. 

On this page you will find many different (non-academic) activities, to support your child (and yourselves) with keeping calm, positive and relaxed during these uncertain times. We know how difficult it is: not seeing friends, people you usually see day-to-day or generally without your normal routine. We are feeling the pressure and uncertainty here, and we have turned to activities and ways to communicate with parents and pupils, in ways that we are not used to. We are having to learn new techniques everyday, and this can be really challenging. 

Some of our staff have started new activities to keep them busy:  I have taken up Pilates (since I can't go to dancing) and become a Zoom user to communicate with people.

Ms Tobutt is testing out new recipes with her cooking, "The seafood risotto was amazing," she stated. I know whose house I will be visiting once this lockdown is over. 

Seafood risotto

Ms Shah is busy cycling around Fryent Country Park Cycling Fryent

Mr Horwood is an expert at growing his own tomatoes and is a lego building champion! Growing tomatoes

Ms Williams has shared one of her hidden talents with me. Check this out! So talented. Ms Williams explained that she had been improving her skills in hyperrealism, which is an art technique aiming to portray an image as close to the real article as possible. I am blown away by these! Do you know who they are?

Hyperealism  Hyperrealism 2

Mrs Mentore has also got into the keeping active spirit, and is running with the "Couch to 5K" app and doing Keep Fit classes.

Ms Pislaru is becoming a dessert queen - look at this creation.

dessert 1      dessert 2

Mrs Pindoria has also become an expert Zoom user and is being creative, producing a beautiful and colourful painting. Can you guess which film this is from?

Up painting

Miss MacIvor has also been busy painting. Her creation links nicely with her other past time of gardening. Karen gardening

Miss Khan in Year 2 has taken up knitting Knitting and Miss MacIvor is adding more house plants to her collection, as well as making sour dough. Pot plants

Mrs Maher has been taking the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar, alongside her daughter. Like many others, Mrs Maher and her family have been decluttering the house, tidying the garden, staining the fences and many other DIY jobs that are always put on hold. 

Miss Benjamin has also taken up knitting, cooking new recipes and enjoying nature walks. 

Mr Barr has been improving his computer skills - he realises that he still has a long way to go. When he is not busy on the computer, he is teaching the boys how to ride their bikes. 

Miss Osinska is growing roses in her garden. Roses

Ms Sohail has been busy experimenting with different ingredients whilst baking. This looks delicious!   shanaz baking

Ms Claudia has been out discovering the delights of nature, and also making scrumptious recipes for her lucky family.

claudia cooking        claudia nature


So we have all been super busy, with preparing learning, trying new things and enjoying the opportunity to be more active.

What new things have you been doing to keep yourself active or positive? Let me know what you have been getting up to so I can share your news in a news story, by emailing me at learning@wembleyprimary.brent.sch.uk 

Look forward to hearing from you,

Mrs Atkinson