Returning to School - Parent Information

Monday 1st June, 2020

Dear Parents,

We have been busy over the past few weeks putting in measures to enable us to welcome back some children. The measures have been put in place as part of our risk assessment to minimise the risks of transmission of Coronavirus.
Please be aware that we cannot eliminate all risk. Children will be reminded of the 2 metre rule but as I am sure you understand this will be more difficult (even with smaller class sizes) for the younger children. Children will be kept in small bubbles to try to prevent widespread transmission of the virus.

What we have done/planned for

• Children have been placed into ‘bubbles’ small groups of around 10. Staggered days and use of the grounds means that each bubble will be kept at a distance from another bubble
• Additional resources have been purchased to enable children to have and keep their own personal resources
• Signage and markings around the building ensure that families are reminded of the 2m rule
• Increased cleaning-lunchtime and at the end of a day, bins in classrooms are covered and regularly emptied. There will always be a good supply of tissues and soap in classrooms and toilets.
• Reminders and opportunities throughout the day with regard to hand-washing
• Children will eat their lunch in their ‘bubble’ and use a designated part of the school grounds for playtime.
• If children/staff display any symptoms they will immediately be isolated and sent home
• If a child/member of staff is diagnosed as having the coronavirus then that bubble will be sent home to self-isolate for 14 days.
• Teachers have planned that the curriculum we follow ensures that we consider children’s well-being and mental health.
• We have completed a full risk assessment taking into account advice from the Department of Education and Public Health England. This has been shared and agreed with staff, governors and the local authority.

What we are asking you to do

• Pupils must not attend if they or a member of their household, has COVID-like symptoms or a positive test. Please inform the school
• ‘Clinically vulnerable’ children should only attend if they are following the advice of their doctor.
• Arrive on time for school. We need to ensure that families keep to these times to avoid congestion.
• Also please pick up on time-again to avoid congestion
• Please ensure that you enter and leave the school at agreed entrances and exits. Please follow the signage for entering and leaving the school at the main gates. It is important to keep to the right and ensure there is a 2 metre distance between families.
• If children do not go home alone (year 6) please ensure that only one adult drops off/picks up-this again helps to prevent congestion.
• Keep to the rota-do not send your child to school on the wrong week-we will have to send them home again so that we can help prevent the transmission of the virus.
• If you or a member of your household have been stuck abroad and have recently come back into the country. You must follow the current guidelines and your family must self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days. Please do not send your child into school if this is the case.
• Families and friends must not gather at the entrance gates/doors/ in the central quad. Families must enter and leave as quickly as possible. Please do not arrive early before the gates are open. This will ensure that there are not groups of families waiting at the gate
• Please try to telephone or email the school with any questions etc. We will ensure that a member of staff gets back to you. Please do not try to enter into conversations with teachers at the start and end of days-again to minimise the number of parents at a classroom door.
• If possible travel to school by Bike, Car or on Foot-avoiding if possible public transport. Please look at the information from TFL
• Again to minimise the possibility of transmission of the virus we ask that children bring no resources from school including book bags and PE kits. Children will be provided with their own personal resources through the day.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Taylor-Kent