Heartwarming news

It is so lovely to hear some heartwarming news during this lockdown.

Last week, we received an email from one of our parents sharing the news about how her children are support other people. Lucille (6F), Margaret (4W) and their older brother Garry (who used to attend our school) are part of Brent Youth Theatre. The theatre company has teamed up with Unique Community to support residents in an elderly care home. The trio have taken part in a letter writing project, called Homes of Hope, which they send to residents at Woodland Grove Care Home in Essex. The project aims to keep residents stimulated and connected with the outside world during the pandemic. Residents and young people have been exchanging letters on a weekly basis based on different themes, which are digitally accessible to everyone. Eventually, the goal of the project is for Brent Youth Theatre to visit Woodland Grove, meet the residents and perform a short play based on the letters they have received.

Elderly residents

We are so proud of Lucile, Margaret and Garry, who are giving their time to think about the wellbeing of others. News like this keeps us smiling and helps us to remain positive. Thank you so much to Lilia Narudinova for allowing us to share this fantastic story. Keep this going - tremendous trio!