Brent Music Service

BMS tutors are working to create a range of online resources to support instrumental/vocal pupils continue their learning at home. This will include:

· Face-to-face individual 20-minute instrument/singing lessons with a BMS tutor. The cost is likely to be between £11.00-£13.00 per lesson and discounts (£2.50 per lesson) will be available for those on Free School Meals. Current Scholars will be eligible for FREE lessons

· An exciting range of online learning tools and practical activities to support learning at home for every instrument and voice, from beginner to advanced levels – FREE

· Possible virtual events to ignite musical learning and fun across Brent during this period of school closures – FREE

The lessons and resources should be available in the SUMMER TERM

What We Are Requesting:

· Please send the flyer (URGENTLY) to all instrumental/vocal students’ families OR, if it’s easier, to the whole school
On the flyer is a link (at the end) to an ‘Expression of Interest’ Google Form
· Parents need to click on the link on the flyer to let us know they’d like to be sent details when the online services are available

We can share details of the children accessing ‘BMS Music Lessons At Home’ with you at a later date by request.

We will send you the link to ‘BMS Lessons at Home’ when it is ready.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas of ways we can keep students learning!

Wishing you well.

Eric Angus                                                                     Sandra Campbell
Acting Head, Brent Music Service                                    Head of Instrumental/Vocal Studies